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Sylvia Scarlett the Birth Doula

Owner & Founder


My Why

     Ten years ago and three babies later, a desire for birth empowerment and education was born. In 2019, I embarked on a journey to professionally pursue doula work to offer birth support services to the women in my community.

My heart as a birth doula and fellow mother is to come alongside you right where you are, to empower and educate. To bridge the gap. Where standard health care meets informed consent so that lasting, positive birth outcomes with outweigh the current norm.

As it stands, the maternal mortality rate in America resembles that of impoverished, third-world countries, and that rate rises 3-4x higher for Black, birthing women. The support  birth doulas offer to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth help her to achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible. In doing so, we can inspire the next generation of birthing women to reclaim their autonomy and power for childbirth and so much more!

I will now be embarking on a new journey this fall so I will be taking time to invest into family and "behind the scenes" operations of Sacred & Surrendered Births while my team shares in the joys of providing you and your family faith-filled and empowering birth support. God bless!

**Sylvia is currently on maternity leave (10/20/2022) and is taking inquiries for home births for next spring**

Meet the Team: Team Members
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