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The Collective

A Community of Women for Women


Over the last five years, what started as a single calling has grown into a collective of empowered mothers turned doulas who experienced the beauty and sanctity of childbirth and its ability to transform you into more incredible women, sisters, mothers, wives the moment your tiny babe is placed on your chest. A moment where coming to the end of yourself is the beginning of becoming someone new and more fierce and capable. 

The doulas of Sacred & Surrendered Births Doula Collective have come together on the principle that birth is God-designed for women; not for the sake of suffering but to labor and tangibly experience the wonder of God in the highest and lowest moments of childbirth. We joyfully come alongside all our families for the vacillating journey that pregnancy, birth and postpartum bring and are eager to support you through it all! We strive to meet you where you are, not only with education and information, but also personalized and compassionate birth support for all birth goals and spaces.

Meet the Team: Team Members
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