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Sacred & Surrendered Births

Providing Compassionate Support for the Sacred Work of Birth

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Let's DOULA This!

    We are so happy you've taken the time to visit! I'm Sylvia Scarlett the Birth Doula and founder of Sacred & Surrendered Births, a Doula Collective

Serving pregnant and birthing women well with dignity and grace is our passion! Having all experienced wonderful births experiences, we want to share a little of the birth magic with YOU! Whether you're birthing at home or hospital, our team offers personalized prenatal, birthing, postpartum and breastfeeding support.

What sets us apart from your medical providers? 

Our aim is to come alongside you in labor to stand in the gap where standard prenatal care meets empowered, informed birth advocacy. Specializing in guiding moms and dads to find balance between the physical and spiritual components of labor to aid in the positive birth experiences while also honing in on the physiological aspects of birth. It's more than dilation and pushing, Mamas! 

We would love the opportunity to serve you and your family in this most exciting and intimate time. You are not alone!

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The  D O U L A  Difference 


Informational Support and Communication in Pregnancy

Informed Women; Empowered Birthing.

 From our initial meeting, throughout your pregnancy and birth, a personal approach is taken when you hire us as your birth support team. We take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your needs and are always available to contact by phone/text as pregnancy comes with many highs and lows. #sisterhood

You will receive birth information tailored to your unique pregnancy journey that will help set the foundation to your desired plans for labor and birth, and we will work to provide you necessary resources and support to make sure your experience is as calm and positive as possible.


Prenatal, Birthing Prep Visits

Go Into Your Labor & Birth With Tools to Utilize for Your Best Birth Experience

After beginning our relationship with you, we are committed to ensuring you have the tools and resources necessary for the birth YOU desire!

Customized birth plans, questionnaires, and resource brochures are delivered to you to aid in the foundation on which you and your family will prepare for a positive birth experience.


Birthing Guidance

Here for Both of You!

   We offer unwavering labor and birth support and advocacy to you and your spouse during early labor, in-person support during active labor, and postpartum support after baby has made his/her arrival.

   Whether it is emotional encouragement or hands on guidance during the physiological aspects of birth, we are prepared and willing to serve you throughout the entire duration of your labor. Where a nurse or care provider may be sharing their time between patients, I am 100% yours! 

   Lactation counseling is an added bonus of having us as your birth doula! Moments after baby is finally placed on your chest, we are there to gently guide you through baby's first latch and feed. In this crucial "Golden Hour," I address any immediate concerns or questions you may have and offer various positions and techniques to encourage ease with breastfeeding. 

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                      "To be realistic is to expect your birth to be wonderful!"

- Naoli Vinaver

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Serving Volusia, Seminole, Lake  and Orange Counties!

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