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Placenta Services

All postpartum journeys are different, and that’s why I decided to offer the women in my community an extra modality to nurturing their bodies in those fresh days of motherhood. As hormones zip and soar in an effort to find balance, receiving your placenta can help with a number of complexities we face. Benefits like increased milk supply, healthier lochia phase, mood disorders, etc have all been reported by women who choose this route of self-care.

I have been trained and certified according to the OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Standard and adhere to strict food safety guidelines in an effort to provide you quality and safe products.


Raw or TCM Methods

This method allows for daily consumption of your placenta in vegetable capsule form. 
After I've received your placenta, it will go through a gentle cleansing process and to the dehydrator for a number of hours. Once completely dehydrated, I grind down your placenta into a fine powder, hand-fill each vegetable capsule, and store them in an amber jar for you!

Placenta Art

Water Color Placenta Print

The very organ that nurtured and provided health to your baby can now be a piece of art and permanent reminder in your home. High quality paper is used to take a direct imprint of your placenta. I later add watercolor and trace the natural vessel patterns with gold paint to recreate the sacred work this incredible organ has held for 40 weeks.

Placenta Encapsulation: Services
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