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Esther Grealish

Student Midwife & Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

    Hey there! I’m Esther -a mama, doula and Florida native cultivating a purposeful life with my daughter and best friend. You can usually find me by the water, or in my garden, chasing around a spunky toddler. I’ve always been captivated by the human body, nature and the way they so beautifully intertwine.

     My passion for birth work was ignited after the arrival of my daughter left me in awe of my body’s capabilities and power. The experience reinforced a foundational belief that pours into my doula care today: our bodies are intentionally designed by God for the sacred work of birthing and caring for our babes. Because of this belief, I will always encourage informed decision making and fiercely work to protect birth experiences from systems that weren't designed for women's whole body and soul wellness. 

    Our health care system is NOT providing the care that women deserve, my deepest hope is to help fill the gap and support women in finding their intuition, power, and confidence in pregnancy, birth, & beyond. 

My goal is to empower families during pregnancy, birth and postpartum through quality education, resources and support! My services focus on nurturing the mind, body and spirit to create ease in labor and confidence in motherhood. It’s an honor to be able to walk alongside you on this journey.

**Esther is currently taking a very select number of clients as she pursues traditional midwifery**

Esther Grealish, Birth Doula: Team Members
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