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Kim Reed

Birth Doula

Hi there, I’m Kim! I am a wife, a homeschool mom of 3 spirited boys and a birth doula of 12 years! When I am not at home my favorite place to be is at the beach soaking up the sun and beauty,  playing sports and somewhere possibly buying more plants than I need. Since I was young I have had an innate desire to help and nurture those around me; whether it be physically helping or sharing information that may enrich their lives. I wanted to be a nurse but soon found out that I wouldn’t be able to give the care I wanted to extend to others. 

My first and second births were at home surrounded by an incredible team of Midwives and my Doula. My last delivery was in a hospital and my midwife and doula team were able to stay with me. It was my first birth that God had sparked a passion in my heart to help other women receive the kindness, knowledge, love and nurturing that I had been blessed to have. I had heard so many sad, lonely and disappointed birth stories and became devoted to helping women experience their pregnancies, births and feeding journeys empowered and supported. 

Whether it’s your first or sixth birth your motherly intuition is powerful and I am here to educate and advocate for you. With every birth I witness, including my own, I am in awe of what a woman’s body can do, what she can endure and the strength in which she does it! I am here to remind you that you CAN do it. A mother’s journey can start in different ways and I would love to be with you during your journey and this sacred time.

Kim Reed, Birth Doula: Team Members
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