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Birth Doulas and Essential Oils for a Positive Labor?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

I love the smell of lavender, citrus, and clary sage for the way they smell but have also experienced therapeutic and healing purposes in them and many more. No matter where I am, you will always find that I have a couple bottles of essential oils on hand. Life happens, and I need to be prepared! From helping put a little pep in my kiddos' step with a blend of orange and lemon to applying diluted peppermint to myself because of said kids extra peppy steps...**insert laughing emoji**

Being an essential oil mommy is my proactive approach at maintaining and encouraging wellness without the harsh effects of chemicals founds in OTC and prescription drugs. As a Birth Doula, I have brought my love for oils to my clients in our prenatal/birth prep visits. My favorite part is when dads are accepting as men seem to be the hardest to educate on the physiological benefits of essential oil use. Alas, I am a Birth Doula and not a magician. HA! I see no reason why essential oils would not have it's place in the labor and birth scene. I have witnessed a laboring mom regain mental clarity with a good whiff of lavender mixed with Young Living's "Citrus" blend, and basked in the victory of a resting dad with the help of calming lavender (three day induction.) This Birth Doula believes in the power of natural resources to aid in positive labors, whether they're at home or in the hospital, medicated or unmedicated. Essential oils helps widen your array of choices for birth, and I come prepared to serve you in providing a variety of oils for your birthing needs. Don't be surprised if your OB/GYN or L&D nurse are unable to help you make decisions for oils and the various stages of labor. *Shameless "Hire a Birth Doula" plug*

I love to keep my mamas informed so when I came across this article on Selah Oils' website, like any good doula I thought I'd share. You can proactively care for yourself with quality-grade, essential oils as you seek wellness in your pregnancy and postpartum days. From hormone balancing blends to sensitive tissue healing single oils, there are more options for you and your family that don't require a prescription, only a little time and research.

The blends of oils I purchase are high quality, 100% pure from reputable resources like that of Young Living and a smaller company called, Selah Oils. Selah Essential Oils is a God-honoring company and donates 10% of their sales to missions work in Ghana, West Africa! Have you experienced the benefits of using essential oils in pregnancy and labor, or are you a fellow birth doula who loves to come alongside your client in similar ways? If so, I'd love to hear from you!

*Always consult with your licensed healthcare provider before using any essential oils

*All women and families are urged to do independent research based on their unique needs and state of health prior to helping themselves to my personal stash of essential oils

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