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Late Night Birth Poetry

Oh, sweet and powerful birth. How we welcome you with ease, and with a rush of intensity you usher us to the brink of ourselves. Then gently cascading out as we drink in oxygen to nourish our bodies.

With swift waves of power within our wombs do you show us our inner strength. Soft tears of gladness and timidity gently roll down our cheeks.

Body trembling as we near new life and cry aloud with tones of surrender from the bellows of our fragile yet grounded souls. We are anchored.

Our breath, with every inhale, holding us whilst breathing new life within.

Sweet, sweet powerful birth shaping us into most incredible and fierce creatures with each surge as we feel our resolve begin to break, yet in the pause we are ever mindful of Yehoshua’s glory piercing through the thickness of the room.

Juggling intensity with anticipation we need not be afraid, for this is sacred. This is HOLY work.

And just as our tiny babes are placed on our chests, we quickly forsake the feelings of overwhelm that you brought in order to lead us to this very moment. "Hello, baby," is heard softly whispered to this new life before us.

To birth, we thank you. We have been reborn. Rejoice! We have been made new.

-Sylvia Scarlett

**Photographer: Sierra Ford Photography

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